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"I Don't Know You Well Enough (to Miss You When You're Gone)"




Todd’s down-to-earth character can be heard throughout his latest album, “Something to Do With You.” 

His follow-up to “Gettin’ There,” “Something to Do With You” is a labor of love, with sensitive ballads and good-time party tunes.

The album photos were shot on the gentle rolling hills of the historic site of the Battle of Saratoga, the first significant military victory of the American Revolution.

Todd is joined by a group of talented musicians including Arnie Newman on guitar, Dan Shafer on guitar, pedal steel, banjo and sitar, Paul Tokarz on acoustic guitar, Mark Indictor on Fiddle and Jimmy Hunter on drums, bass, keyboards and background vocals.  Hunter also produced and engineered the album at CAZADOR Recording. 

Previously, listeners fell in love with tracks from the album "Gettin' There," including "Out of the Picture," which broke the top 100 on theMusic Row Chart and reached #4 on the New Music Weekly Country Chart, "A Way with Words," which made it to #10 on the New Music Weekly Country Chart and "Ain't Enough Whiskey in Tennessee" which is a fan favorite.


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